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Frequently Asked Questions

The Guidebook app is an interactive app that will prepare you for your orientation session and your first year at Columbus State!

Guidebook will be available starting May 20th.

Follow the directions below to join the Cougar Nation at CSU. To get the guide, choose one of the methods below:

  • Download 'Guidebook' from the Apple App Store or the Android Marketplace
  • From the Guidebook application, search "Columbus State University 2020-2021", and click Download Guide!

Don't have a smartphone? No worries! Check out the Guide!

ROAR Online Orientation is the program that will introduce to various services at Columbus State University. ROAR Online Orientation will be delivered in two ways:

Asynchronous Format: All new content will be administered through CougarView. Once students register and pay for the ROAR Online Orientation, the CougarView course will be available for students to complete by June 1st.

Students who register for ROAR Online Orientation after June 1st, will be able to access the CougarView course within 48 hours of registration.

Students can complete ROAR Online Orientation at your own pace. It will take approximately two (2) hours to complete all modules.

Synchronous Format: Various Academic and Non-Academic Departments will offer virtual sessions for students and parents.

Orientation Leaders will serve as mentors for students through the summer.

ROAR Online Orientation is a self-sustaining program. The funds earned are used to create videos, virtual sessions, and payment of the ROAR staff.

We do not accept payments over the phone. We only accept payments by card through registration.

ROAR Online Orientation registration is now open for students starting classes in the summer and fall.

Registration is a two step process; first you select your session and then submit payment at that time to secure your session.

ROAR Online Orientation will become available June 1st. You can complete ROAR Online Orientation at your own pace. It will take approximately two (2) hours to complete all modules.

Various Campus Services & Academic Departments will host Virtual Sessions through the summer. Students can view the schedule of virtual sessions on Guidebook (once sessions are confirmed and scheduled).

Students will be able to chat with Orientation Leaders through the summer. Orientation Leaders will share their experience and talk to students and parents about the services and resources CSU offers.

In order for the 'New Student Orientation Hold' to be removed and register for classes, students MUST complete:

  • The ROAR Online Orientation
  • Advising Survey

After completing these steps, Advisors will work on student schedules based on the advising survey

Transfer students with less than 30 hours are considered freshman and are required to complete the ROAR Online Orientation. 

If you are a transfer student with more than 30 credit hours (all 30 credit must transfer over), you will be required to complete an interactive online orientation.

**Please remember that although you complete the online orientation, you must still see your academic advisor before you can register for courses.**

A transient student (aka "guest student") is a student who is enrolled at one University, but taking classes at another that will count towards their degree at their home University. Generally this happens when students don't live near their home University over the summer but want to take a class or two to speed up the obtainment of their degree, or if for some reason they can't take a class at their home University that they need to graduate.

Students that fall into the above category DO NOT have to attend a ROAR orientation session.

If we have a record that you have attended a ROAR session in the past year, then you are not required to attend another session. Contact the Orientation Office at 706-507-8593 or email to verify that you attended an earlier ROAR session.

The ROAR program bases your advising and registration sessions off of the major that is listed on your academic record. If you would like to change your major after you apply to the university, please contact the Admissions Office at 706-507-8800 and request a change of major on your record.

TheAdvising Survey assists the advisors of your department in making a ready made schedule for you when you attend orientation. This survey asks for the preference of the student in class times, intended major, core class preference, and your possible credit hours (half or full time) to name a few.

We ask that you complete the Advising Survey once you complete your ROAR registration. This will ensure that your advisor will be able to prepare a schedule for you by the time you attend the advising and registration portion of the orientation program.

Please follow these steps to take your Advising Survey:

Follow the directions below and you will have a schedule built for you once you arrive at ROAR for your orientation session.
Signing up for courses is easy!
Step 1 - Sign on to MyCSU
Step 2 - Click on the Students link on the left navigation menu
Step 3 - Click on the Student Records tab
Step 4 - Click on the Advising Survey link under the "Survey" section
Step 5 - Complete the Survey
Step 6 - You will receive your schedule at Orientation and can make changes if necessary

For questions or assistance regarding Advising, please email the Academic Center for Excellence at

ROAR is required for all incoming freshmen students. Students who do not attend a ROAR session may be subject to enroll during course schedule change.

ROAR Online Orientation is required for all incoming students with less than 30 credits. If you cannot make it, you won't be able to register for classes until the first day of classes' starts.
The asynchronous ROAR Online Orientation registration date will be available on April 15th. The Online Orientation will be available for completion on June 1st and can be completed at your own pace. e must plan for meals and supplies in advance based on the number of students registered. Therefore, we are unable to give refunds. Your payment will roll over to another date if you change your session date.

Family members and guests are not able to take the ROAR Online Orientation through CougarView as this can only be accessed with CSU username and password. Family members and guests can join the live virtual sessions offered through the summer. Schedule of virtual sessions will be provided through Guidebook. Guidebook will be available May 20th.

Students who registered and paid the previous fee of $150.00 have the option to receive a refund check of $150 or choose for the refund amount to be posted as a payment on their Student Account. Please click here to opt-in, no later than May 15, to receive a refund check. Students who DO NOT opt-in to receive a refund check, their refund will automatically be posted on their student account. Please note refunds may take 6-8 week to be processed and mailed.

The asynchronous ROAR Online Orientation registration date will be available on April 15th. The Online Orientation will be available for completion on June 1st.

All guests who paid their registration fee will receive a refund check. Please complete the following form in order for CSU to mail your check. Click Here for Refund Form

If you have questions regarding ROAR reservations, you can email us at or call the Orientation Office at 706-507-8593. If you happen to get an answering machine, please leave your name, number and questions. We will return your call as soon as possible.

Download the Guidebook app on your smartphone or tablet. This app will provide you with not only a schedule for orientation; but a pre-orientation checklist of things to do before you arrive on campus.

Download the Guidebook app. There are a list of items to complete prior to arrival. To ensure you are best served at orientation, please complete all tasks listed.