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Registration for ROAR Orientation

As a new Cougar, you'll be required to experience our ROAR program before you can attend classes. The ROAR (Recruitment, Orientation, Advisement, Registration) program is a two day event designed to help ease the transition from high school to college as well as prepare parents for their student's new journey. ROAR provides students and parents with information on all services CSU has to offer, as well as their first advising and registration session for their classes. Below are the descriptions of the programs that we offer. Please review and select the one that best fits your enrollment status.

 All communication for ROAR Orientation is sent to the student's

Columbus State University email account.

2016 Orientation Dates

Students starting Summer 2016:

Thursday, June 9 (traditional, non traditional and transfer)

Students starting Fall 2016:

June 20-21 (Monday-Tuesday)

June 23-24 (Thursday-Friday)

July 14-15 (Thursday-Friday)

July 18-19 (Monday-Tuesday)

July 19 (Tuesday): non trad and transfer

July 21-22, RiverPark (Thursday-Friday)

August 5 (Friday): traditional, non traditional and transfer.


ROAR Orientation, What you need to know!

TRADITIONAL FRESHMAN: At your two-day ROAR session, you will be placed in a small group with an Orientation Leader who will lead you through your first day of activities. You will learn about campus resources and learn key tips on how to succeed during your college journey. Day two activities include meeting with your advisor and registering for classes. There are five sessions to choose from, all with students staying overnight in the Residence Halls. 

NON-TRADITIONAL AND TRANSFER STUDENTS: At your one-day ROAR session, you will learn about campus resources and services, as well as meet with your academic advisor in order to register for your first semester. There are two sessions for you to choose from. For those students transferring in with more than 30 hours, please see our website for the Online Orientation for Transfer Students.

TRANSFER STUDENTS WITH OVER 30 HOURS: Students transferring in who have completed thirty or more hours should take the Online orientation for Transfer Students.

GRADUATE STUDENTS : Sign up for the Online Orientation for Graduate Students.

ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY: Please contact Ameena Clark at 706-507-8805 or, or Susan Lovell at 706-507-8806 or 

DUAL ENROLLMENT STUDENTS : Dual Enrollment students are exempt from attending ROAR Orientation.

PARENTS AND FAMILIES:  It is very likely that your parents and family will have questions, and much of the information you receive will be helpful to them. We encourage parents and guests to attend our Parent Sessions (for students attending any freshman session), which will give them an in-depth look into the University and help answer any questions they may have.

Preference Survey: Get your classes early!

Once you are registered for a ROAR Session, please complete the preference survey and choose what courses you would like to take for your first semester!

Follow the directions below and you will have a schedule built for you once you arrive at ROAR for your orientation session.

Signing up for courses is easy!
Step 1 - Sign on to CougarNet
Step 2 - Choose the Enrollment Services tab
Step 3 - View the Student Records and Personal Information section
Step 4 - Choose the Preference Survey option at the bottom
Step 5 - Complete the Survey
Step 6 - You will receive your schedule at Orientation and can make changes if necessary  

Guidebook: Get Connected Early and stay connected throughout your summer orientation session! 


Guidebook is an interactive app that will prepare you for orientation and your first year at Columbus State University.

Follow the directions below to join the Cougar town at CSU. To get the guide, choose one of the methods below:

  • Download 'Guidebook' from the Apple App Store or the Android Marketplace 

From the Guidebook application, search CSU ROAR Orientation, and click Download Guide!

Don't have a smartphone? No worries! Check out the Guide here!


The mission of Columbus State University's orientation programs is to holistically address the developmental needs of new Columbus State's students and families in transition within the Columbus State University community. The department acknowledges and validates the primary transition into the University as a new student, as well as the series of transitions that occur throughout a student's college experience. We aim to facilitate the successful academic and personal transition of new students and their families into the CSU community. Through the intentional interaction of new students, families, current students, faculty and staff, combined with specific programmatic elements, participants will develop an understanding and appreciation of the academic, developmental and social opportunities available, as well as knowledge of campus and community resources.