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Traditional Incoming Students

Transfer and Non Traditional Students

For Transfer or Non Traditional  Students with 30 or more credit hours only

Incoming Families


Orientation Schedule

Starting Classes Spring 2019:

  • Friday, January 18: traditional, non-traditional, and transfer students

Starting Classes Summer 2019:

  • Friday, May 31: traditional, non-traditional, and transfer students

Starting Classes Fall 2019:

  • Main Campus: June 13-14 (Thursday-Friday) - SESSION CLOSED
  • Main Campus: June 20-21 (Thursday-Friday) -SESSION CLOSED
  • RiverPark Campus: June 27-28 (Thursday-Friday)* SESSION CLOSED
  • Main Campus: July 11-12 (Thursday-Friday) SESSION CLOSED
  • Main Campus: July 31-Aug. 1 (Wednesday-Thursday), Attached to Camp P.R.O.W.L.
    • Main Campus: August 1 (Thursday)- non-traditional and transfer students under 30 credit hours
  • Main Campus: August 9 (Friday)- One-day final chance session
 *Students planning to major in Fine Arts, Art History, Music, Theater, Communication, Education, Exercise Science, Nursing, or Health Science are strongly encouraged to attend this orientation.

Summer 2019 ROAR Schedule (Orientation Schedules are subject to change)


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