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Traditional Student Orientation

Welcome to the Traditional Student Orientation. If you are a Freshmen, Non-Traditional or Transfer student with less than 30 credit hours, please read and thoroughly follow the steps below to register. All students are required to attend a ROAR session prior to enrolling in classes.

Once you have completed all required ROAR components, your academic advisor will then advise you on which classes to take during your first semester.

The ROAR Orientation program is assisted by current Columbus State University students who serve as a great liaison for our campus community.

Starting Classes Fall 2020 & Spring 2021:

Students who are registering for Spring 2021 Orientation, please check back to the website in November for more updates!

Please Note: There are no refunds for the ROAR Orientation Program.

Follow these steps to complete the Traditional ROAR Student Orientation:

  1. Register for ROAR Online Orientation
  2. Pay Orientation Registration Fee
    • You will be given access to CougarView within 48 of registration and payment.
  3. Log into MyCSU
    1. Click on CougarView
    2. Click View All Courses
    3. Select Roar Online Orientation
    4. Select Content
    5. Complete Modules 1-6
    6. Complete Orientation Survey
  4. Complete Advising Survey

Register for Orientation

For any questions, give us a call at 706-507-8590 or email us at and we will help you answer all your questions!